Kawasaki KX Junior Squad member, Liam Jackson, entered his first rounf of the NSW Off-Road Series in Maitland.

A few words from Liam:

This was the last round of the series, but I really wanted to try this style of racing.
I managed to pull a second place overall on Sunday and I am really happy about that.
It was a hard track to over-take on as it was an enduro-x track.
I had a blast on the KX85-II and my KX85-II performed like a beast.
The next race for Liam Jackson is in Tasmania for the Australian MX Junior Titles.

Liam Jackson rides a Kawasaki KX85-II and is supported by Kawasaki Motors Australian and Robertson's Motorcycles

  • Australian Off-Road Series
  • Maitland Off-Road
  • Australia / Maitland, Victoria
  • 21 Sep 2018
  • Gina Costello
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