A Difficult Day in MX2

Kawasaki riders in the FIM World MX2 Motocross Championship had a difficult day at the demanding wet sand track built in front of the main grandstand at the famous road racing facility of Assen.
It was a learning experience for Darian Sanayei of Monster Energy DRT Kawasaki as well as Morgan Lesiardo and Stephen Rubini of the Monster Energy Kawasaki MX2 Racing Team as track conditions were alien to anything any of the youngsters had previously encountered during their careers.

Sanayei advanced to eighteenth at the finish of the second GP moto after withdrawing from twenty-third in the opening race; he remains twelfth in the series standings. Lesiardo had finished eighteenth in the opening moto after a solid ride from just outside the points-scoring positions but in the second encounter he was forced to pull out of twenty-third after his exhaust was damaged. Rubini moved forward from twenty-fifth to twenty-second in the first moto and had advanced from twenty-sixth to twenty-third in race two until he crashed over the handlebars mid-moto and withdrew with a sore back.

“It was difficult coming to a track like this one; after a lot of rain the track was rough on Saturday I was quite a way off the pace, so I just focused on being prepared for race day,” said Sanayei. “In the first moto I was way back at the start but I was slowly moving forward and had reached twenty-third until I had to retire. In the second race I had a better start and was able to finish eighteenth. My speed was not so bad, but I never rode on a track like this before; I need to put time and hours in muddy sand during the winter time to improve my riding in these conditions.”

“I had a bad start in the first moto but found a good rhythm to recover to eighteenth,” said Lasiardo. “My start was again not so good in the second race but I didn’t give up and rode some consistent laps to come close to the points until I had to retire after the pipe was damaged. Now I’m focused on the final round of the EMX250, and will spend the week training in Italy to prepare for this last race on hard pack.”

“This was definitively my toughest weekend of the season with a couple of very bad starts,” said Rubini. “In the first race I finished close to the points, but then in the second one I had a big crash and went over the bars; when I landed on the ground I had a lot of pain in my upper leg. Nothing is broken but a muscle is sore and we’ll see later this week how I feel.”

  • MXGP
  • Assen
  • Netherlands / Assen
  • 12 Sep 2017
  • KMC
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