Kawasaki Australaia's Factory Motocross Racing Team at Round 1 of the MX Nationals

Adam Monea secures 6th place in the first round at Horsham Victoria.

Adam finished the first moto in 7th place after coming off when battling for the lead in the final stages of the race.

“Adam certainly had the speed and after the first round we can see that the bikes are going fast”, said Team Manager Troy Carroll. In the second moto, Adam Monea clocked lap times similar to the race leaders but unfortunately he became tangled in a pile up in the first turn.

“It’s a tough one to walk away from. I was keeping an eye on the leaders and it could have easily been my race if I started up the front so knowing that lets me walk away motivated. I am in the title hunt and we’ve got a good chance at Appin. I’ve had some good results there in the past, I’m fit and ready to go”, said Adam Monea.

Phillips comes away from the first round of the MX nationals in 22nd place overall.

“John Phillips has done a great job for his first MX round in Australia. He has settled in with the team and he is eager for the next round”, commented Troy Carroll.

Phillips said, “It was a tough opening round for me. I fell off in the second race but came away with a better idea of some key areas I want to focus on in the series”.

Round 2 of the Australian MX Nationals will be held at Appin in NSW on April 12th2015.

MX1 overall results:
1. Kirk Gibbs 70
2. Kade Mosig 62
3. Luke Styke 58
4. Lawson Bopping 56
5. Cody Cooper 55
6. Adam Monea 49
7. Dylan Long 47
8. Ford Dale 45
9. Cheyne Boyd 40
10. Jesse Dobson 40

  • 2015 Australian MX Nationals
  • Australia / Horsham Victoria
  • 31 Mar 2015
  • Milo Dokmanovic
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